Feature requests

Using paperpile with Microsoft Word ( 2 ) (39)
Add to Paperpile button for Google scholar profile (4)
First/Last Author search (3)
Open .pdf to last viewed location (3)
Search library and open PDF through browser extension button without opening the application webpage (1)
Adding Tags from Bibliography of Google Doc? (8)
Rectangle Highlight Annotations (2)
In shared document, allow one to "own" citations added by others? (2)
Cross-references for figures and tables? (8)
Select papers according to associated document (1)
Allow "auto-update" of local citation copies (1)
Simple request to consider - chronological ordering of multiple citations (8)
Allow for copying citation (ctrl-c, or other shortcut) when viewing a pdf (1)
Could icons be bolder in colour? (1)
Annotated Bibliography (3)
Today button for "Date Accessed" (1)
Onedrive integration, MS Office Integration ( 2 ) (25)
Annotations do not follow papers' real page numbers (3)
Bulk Editing of Papers (6)
Adding a paper while in a folder should add it to that folder (1)
Desktop App for Adding Citations in Other Text Editors (Ulysses + Scrivner) (4)
Paperpile links in gmail alerts from Google Scholar? (3)
Keep highlights and comments together on the left in pdf viewer (2)
Link to papers in article comments (3)
Warn on bulk actions when not from menu (2)
PII (Publisher Item Identifier) support during auto-update (1)
Problem Labeling References after Sharing a Folder (3)
View specific folder in sidebar add-on (3)
Add papers to paperpile by email (6)
Merging consecutive citations (4)