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Author (Year) in Paperpile add on (2)
Integration with Word when? (8)
Add link to cited paper when hovering/clicking citation (2)
Link to Pubmed account? (3)
Auto-create a folder from papers cited in a doc (6)
Option for notes to be visible in shared folders (2)
More sorting criteria for shared folder websites (10)
Using paperpile with Microsoft Word ( 2 3 4 ) (73)
Sync library BibTeX file to Google Drive (15)
Add papers to paperpile by email (10)
Delete extra pdfs from merged docs (1)
Allow embedding of shared collections (8)
Locking custom metadata (5)
Cross-references for figures and tables? (9)
Easy integration with citation codes? (7)
Case transformation in data entry editor (1)
Sort and filter by article language (2)
Merging consecutive citations (6)
Visual distracting red button (3)
Import zotero standalone notes (6)
Author, Year, Title in PDF Annotation Menu Title Bar (1)
Shared folders owned by no one individual (2)
Creating folder or label for a collection of PDFs (2)
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Saving overall folder status on exit (collapsed vs expanded) (4)
Importing published articles when the preprint is in the library (18)
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