Add papers to paperpile by email



I would like to be able to add papers to paperpile by emailing them. This would enable me to add papers from (say) Twitter on my phone.


We have something like this in the works. We also find it to be a very convenient feature.


This would really be useful. While traveling I have found I simply can’t use Chrome on my MacBook because it eats up too much battery, but then I’m stuck whenever I want to quickly add a citation from Safari. And, of course, it would make it easier to add things from my phone as well. Not to mention the fact that one could then integrate with services like IFTTT which offer email-triggers for RSS feeds and the like. Ideally I’d like not to just be able to email PDFs, but to be able to email, DOI, ISBN or URLs from supported journals and academic websites… (Even better if I could add tags, or have an “inbox” where I could then sort things later.)


Yes. Many of us read papers on Twitter, mobile devices, etc. There should be a way to take a website and send to to paperpile, and have it do it’s magic as if the website were open on my computer in Chrome. It would solve 75% of my issues with Paperpile.

Let’s do it!


This is still perhaps the lowest hanging fruit out there. Please, can we do this?


Agree this would get us 75% of add-on-phone use cases.