Add reference/pdf by email

How about a “email to your paperpile account” like evernote, like kindle, etc? This would be a platform-independent way of quickly adding a reference and/or pdf to your paperpile account. Whether you’re on mac, windows, linux, chromeOS, iOS, android, whatever … it wouldn’t care. Can we do this? It would be fantastic.

When I’m browsing on a non-desktop device (e.g. iPhone, iPad) and I come across a paper/reference I want to add I don’t want to have to open up an iOS app to do this. I want to very quickly just add it to my paperpile account.

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With the current sharing features in iOS and Android you do not need to open an app to share a URL to them, so we are currently planning on using these sharing features for adding papers on mobile.



What is the timeline for the iOS app roll out?

Could you sign me up for the beta? I tried signing up a while ago but I’ve heard nothing.