Android app feedback: Thanks and SD storage support

First off - thanks! The updated app is way better than before, to the degree that it is actually useful! I was able to install, download PDF, annotate, sync, and see the result in browser! Great job!

Small feature request: it would be useful to have an option to download PDF to SD storage!


We will look into that. Many apps that sync lots of data on Android allow the user to choose the location.

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Hi, I would like to test the Android app, but I have never seen the app in the website either in the market. Where can I find it?

Thank you very much for the great job!

Please have a look here: Paperpile for iOS and Android (private beta) 📱

thank you Stefan, I have answered the questionnaire months ago, but nothing happened, and I have fulfilled again. I hope this time I have the chance to test the app.

thanks for letting me try the app. I love it so far. Looking forward to being able to add citations from a search on mobile! This comes up a lot during seminars…

It could be nice to have an option to auto-download the pdf to mobile when it is added to the library (and the mobile app is opened).

Without that feature, reading a pdf while commuting about is a 2-step process: 1) add to paperpile, 2) open the mobile (android) tablet app and force it to download. Or, you get out and find the pdf is not downloaded and you have to seek a source of wifi.