Android private beta (old)


Hi! Did you were added to the private testing? I want to be part of the Android Paperpile test too.
I already fill the survey (twice) and didin’t receive any confirmation email or any similar. What are the next steps?



Could you send me an invitation? I already fulfill the requirements (completed the survey, I am a paying user). What should I do to get an invitation?


I would like to be bumped up for the private beta. I’ve asked a couple of times before with no luck. Perhaps the beta is no longer open to new users. But if it is, I would appreciate the opportunity to use it. Thanks.


To everyone asking for an invite. We will open the beta up to more users with the next update. We will invite everyone in this thread. For a quick update please have a look at Carlo’s post in another thread:


I also want to try the android version. Thanks!


I would love to try the android app, too.


I’ve posted an update for the iOS which also applies for the Android app. The existing beta of the Android app stays live but the sync if not broken already will break very soon.

Please read the announcement here:


Hi! I would like to be included in the android private beta too. Thanks.



Can you include me in the next functional beta please? I’m heading to Africa for some field work and really need access to my folders and tags… even though I can access all my papers offline from Gdrive sync, I can’t actually find anything.

Thanks for the hard work!**


Pretty sure I’ve signed up for this 3 times now. There have been dozens of times where I’ve wanted to access the PDFs I’ve added to paperpile, say before a flight, but had forgotten to “star” them (as suggested in as a workaround) making it next to impossible to find among the other ~2500 PDFs on my Google drive. I cannot recommend this to my colleagues, nor renew my subscription in February for a third year, without a way of accessing PDFs from my phone. Even a 2-field text file containing the filepath and date added would be less annoying than the “try visiting from a desktop browser” message thats currently displayed; at least then I would have an easy way to find my recent stuff.


It has been two years. Two years to port a web app. That is just ridiculous.


I would love to try the android beta - looking forward to using paperpile even more. Thanks for all your work!


I would also like to be added to the Android beta for the next release. Thanks!


Would love to be added to next beta


in Android beta, every few days it gives me a syncing error when I try to sync, and I have to log out of my google account (in the app) and log back in to sync my library and download papers. some sort of authentication problem maybe?


in Android beta, I have problems logging with my google account (in the app)


Hello all, is there any update on the new version of the mobile app beta? I’ve uninstalled the previous one and it ceased syncing. Would love to be included in the next one. Cheers.


Hi I’d like to get an invite to the beta for Android. The previous version has stopped working.


I am very interested in testing the android app on a tablet.



Hi, I enrolled in the Android beta but I didn’t have an invite so far. In my case I’d say this is the most important feature - the possibility to add papers to my account from the mobile phone. Is there any plan towards releasing the app or a new wave of invites?