Assign focus on highlighted text comment

It’s a small issue, but somewhat annoying. When I select and highlight text, I often click to add a comment. After I click the comment button, the comment area does not get the focus automatically - the focus stays with the highlight popup, so if I press “T” for example, instead of typing “T” in the comment content, it will switch highlight to strikethrough.

Sure, that’s a bug. It feels we’ve fixed this multiple times now but it always comes back :wink:

Perhaps you already know this but I didn’t see a post about it: the highlight/underline tool frequently doesn’t actually line up with the text I selected and can’t be moved.

Could you send a PDF file, where this happened, to Also, what browser and operating system are you using?

I keep having this issue. Any updates on fixing this?

I just realized that there is an alternative (i.e. better) way to annotations which is through pressing ‘m’ while having text highlighted. So far, I highlighted text, coloured it with [1-4] and then clicked on the annotation icon. Pressing ‘m’ compresses these actions into one and also assigns focus. Good to know.