Automate citations for in-line URLs?


I would find the option to add citations for arbitrary URLs in a paper very useful.
For example if I add “[PaperPile][1] is great” to my text, then a citation like the following could be added:

PaperPile. Title of page. Accessed [today’s date].

And/or simple footnoting of the URL (as happens in the editor for this forum) would also help.

Thanks for a great tool!


Hamish Cunningham
Professor of Computer Science, University of Sheffield, UK



Actually our new sidebar add-on will allow exactly that. It will recognize if your cursor is over a link and will offer the option to convert the link to a citation. The citation will be added according to your current style, i.e. in most cases it will insert a citation in the text and an entry in the bibliography. It will also lookup the website itself so the correct title and if available authors will be set in the citation.

I can’t say when this will be live but other than with other features I’m very sure it will be include because it’s almost fully implemented just not yet released.

In case you’ve missed our sidebar add-on it can be installed from the Google Docs add-on store here: