Automatically finding more links for papers

Hi, I have some suggestions for metadata retrieval (e.g. in the Auto-Update feature).

Authors of papers often release official webpages, Github repos, and supplementary materials alongside their papers and I think it would be nice if those links could also be collected and included as “URLs” in paper details. It would be super handy to access these materials directly from my library.

At the very least, I see prominent “arXiv” and “Website” hyperlinks for selected items which I’ve manually added multiple URLs to, but no hyperlink for “Code” (even when a Github URL is present). Maybe if the task of automatically finding associated links is hard, could you make it easier to add these manually?

Additionally, I find that papers from arXiv get categorized as “Preprint Manuscripts”, even when they have corresponding publications. I think it would be good to assign metadata related to the publication itself and just include arXiv as a link.

think these features could help libraries become more robust in terms of detail.