Bug when highlighting in two column PDF

just want to report a bug – when highlighting on PDFs, the highlighted text appears in the bar on the left, but not quite in the correct order as it is in the paper. If I’m reading a paper with text in two columns, text highlighted at the bottom of the left column will appear in the side bar below highlighted text at the top of the left column, even though it actually occurs prior in the document. I think the text position is probably just being read as height on the page, which won’t work for most academic journals that are formatted with two columns


This is happening to me today, although I’ve never noticed it before. The other oddity is that when I try to ‘Print Annotations’, unless I go through the entire left hand column expressly clicking on the ‘show more’ link it is only printing the visible content from the column. Partial sentences in the wrong order are not quite as helpful as I would like/need… Any idea as to why this is suddenly happening?

The probelm is still there… :frowning:

Welcome to our forum, @Marina_Banuet! Thanks for the ping here. This and several other known bugs are on our radar – although we have thus far lacked the resources to prioritize working on the PDF viewer, the plan is to completely rewrite it to address all issues and add new features. Once the big changes currently in beta are completely released, the team will be able to start this project.

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