Choosing if importing new refs inserted while writing

One of the most killer feature of Paperpile in my opinion is the ability to insert in google docs new citation simply searching online. Really amazing.
However a good possibility to my workflow (and I hope also for others) would be to choose if citations inserted and not present in my database should be added or not.

Let’s imagine a situation in which I use gdoc for note taking and I am inserting some reference simply to have the final citation and keep track of my work. Paperpile is amazing in this case but all these citation are inserted and not organized in my main folder. After some times this will became a little bit messy.
Simply allowing the possibility to check a box if the citation should be added or not (and so saved only in that document). Or maybe putting automatically a tag on new citation to easily manage them later.

Thanks for bringing this up, @Filippo_Gambarota. The same was actually requested this month by another user via chat, so I’m adding your +1 to the topic on our internal tracker.

While not a very popular request yet, I understand the use case and wonder if others would find having this option useful for their workflow as well (+1s are welcome!). Not sure how feasible it would be coding-wise, but an alternative like auto-tagging upon import or an indicator of some kind would also be a potential solution to the matter.