Chrome extension not finding many papers recently

I’m not sure if this is a coincidence or not, but until recently using the chrome extension on a web page was generally very reliable at finding a paper on it and importing it and the details into Paperpile. However,this last week or so, all I seem to get is the “No papers found on this tab. Report this page. Add as website reference” message. Any ideas?


Could you, please, provide some example URLs that did not work?


It happened to me also. An example in my case is:

What does the Paperpile Chrome Button/popup show when you go to this address? It works for me without problems.

I can’t remember them all but this is one of them -

Sorry for the confusion. In fact, I had a slightly different problem. The Paperpile was not able to attach the pdf file even if I was able to download the paper manually. I could attach it to the Paperpile, but I think before Paperpile was able to download the papers from the site automatically.