Correcting Library References Based on Google Doc

Currently I’m facing a situation with collaborators on a google doc in which one of us inserts a citation, formats it using paperpile, it turns out to have an error so someone else will correct the citation in the google doc (i.e. using the view all references list, not within the doc itself). This works fine for future citations within this specific document. But if I now add this reference to my library, it adds the reference without any edits included, such that in any future documents using this same citation, I have fix it all over again.

Is there a way to add corrected citations to one’s user library based on a google doc? It would be incredibly convenient because if one of my collaborators edits a citations in any given document, when I choose to add the document to my own paperpile library, I can be sure that the corrected version will be there. If this functionality only occurred when the “add to library” button was clicked, it would avoid the issues of automatically propagating changes from a google doc back to one’s library, while still allowing people to add corrected paper information to their libraries if they desired.

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This has been one of my biggest frustrations as well. So far it seems that the only solution is to ask people NOT to make changes on the document, but to notify the document owner and have him/er make those changes in the original database. I agree that it would be much better if there were a way to work collaboratively on fixing metadata mistakes and have these corrections propagate back to everyone’s own library. (I posted a whole series of comments about this last time I worked collaboratively in this way…)

I’m afraid that’s not possible at the moment.

We are well aware of the issue though and it’s on our roadmap. I definitely like the idea of using the import button also as an update button. We have not thought about that.

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