Desktop App for Adding Citations in Other Text Editors (Ulysses + Scrivner)



My current workflow has me writing first drafts of academic work in Ulysses or Scrivner (depending on the scope of the project). I like writing in Ulysses for its simple markdown environment that is distraction free. I love not having to have a web browser open to write so Google docs isn’t my first choice. For writing clinical trial protocols I use a special web app called protocol builder. I currently use Papers which allows me to “cite as a write,” searching for papers I have in my library and add them as unformatted references in Ulysses, Scrivner and protocol builder (really any text editor).

To totally commit to Paperpile I need flexibility to do my writing in places either than just Google docs, meaning I need to be able to search for and add unformatted references in a variety of applications. I’d be quite happy leaving references unformatted and not formatting them until I paste into google docs (or word potentially). But, I need to be able to actually do the writing in another place. Is there any way some kind of desktop app that would enable this functionality might ever be created?



Yes: our Word integration will make use of a Paperpile desktop application for searching and adding references. Initially, it will work only with Word, but we will eventually add the ability to add citekeys, \cite commands, or similar to any text processor (through the clipboard).


Really glad to hear that this is planned, but is there any way that it could be implemented for people who use Scrivener or Ulysses first? I do all my writing in Scrivener, and find it so much better for my non linear style of writing than Word or GoogleDocs. I do love Paperpile, but going backwards and forwards between the various apps is not fun!


I too write papers in Ulysses now, often on iOS rather than the desktop. Look forward to better support for this workflow on both the desktop and mobile.