Download hanging

Hi- there is one publication in my PaperPile library that is hung on a download. The “downloading…” has been showing on this record for several days and I can’t stop to restart the download or attach a PDF. In the meantime, other records happily download PDFs. Please advise.

This just happened to me but only for a few minutes. I went to the entry, clicked on the paperclip at the bottom left (next to the attachment and notes icons), clicked the “attach supplementatry PDF or other files” line. I had to download the online PDF to my computer. The “View PDF” button showed up on the entry.

Yes, thanks… for me the PDF options were locked entirely, so I made a duplicate of the reference and attached the PDF to that, deleting the original

In some rare cases the status remains on “downloading” even though a download has stopped a long time ago. Actually we clean such spurious states from our database on startup but sometimes that does not catch all. I only remember one user who encountered and reported this issue before. We could not reproduce back then.

The solution you found is actually what I would recommend in that case.