Export all references from Google Doc not updated

I am writing a short report on Google Doc, where I have some citations inserted and later deleted.

However, I found that those “history” citations are not removed from the list of “all references from Google Doc”. The list would store whatever has been cited once. This lead to a problem that when I try to export all the citations from the google doc, some bibtex entries that are exported are not actually cited in my final version of document. I have to delete it manually so that I can get the actual matching of my bibliography.

I am wondering if it is me that has not operated it correctly, or it is designed like this. I would expect the list of references in a google doc can be automatically updated with users’ changing on citations in the document.

Thank you so much!

Thanks for the feedback, @Shen_Wang. You are correct - inserted citations linger in this ‘backend’ until manually deleted from it.

There’s no better workaround at the moment, but we do have some improvements planned for the citation dialog and intend to include solutions for handling/exporting document references. Adding your +1 to our tracker to raise the topic’s priority.