Export Attachments with RIS

Sounds plausible. I will try it later this week. Thank you.

However, with Zotero for Firefox shutting down next month or so, which was my preferred database, and Zotero Standalone shifting platforms in 2017, it’s another reason demonstrating the necessity of being able to get data out.

Even if it’s not the intention of Paperpile’s creators the product effectively locks us in. We can indeed get references out. We can get the PDFs out. But we can’t get both out together attached to each other. With a database of thousands of references and attachments this makes things rather awkward if we ever need to take our data out as I’m finding I currently need to with Zotero.

I really want to use Paperpile and give you guys money, but until there’s a satisfactory export option I can’t commit. My database is too valuable for that.

Similarly, we want to use Paperpile for our gene tech company for all our staff, as we are moving from Zotero, because Paperpile is so good and user friendly, and it gells really good with G Suite that we use. But, for the reasons above, we need to be sure we can get our data and attachments out together in a satisfactory way. Reluctantly, we are going to have consider Mendeley.

I hope you will consider this in the future.