Export Attachments with RIS

Similar situation here, although I use Logseq, not Obsidian. I still prefer Paperpile to Zotero, even with the new version 6, but cross-app integration is key.

  1. Do a RIS export from Paperpile
  2. Move that file to the top level of your Google Drive Paperpile folder
  3. Import in Zotero, linking to the existing files rather than copying them to Zotero

Note, however, that this might fail if you have spaces in your PDF file names. To get it to work I had to first click on the drive menu on the top-right of the paperpile screen and choose “configure”. This is my configuration for naming/organizing PDFs: [year]/[firstauthor]-[year]-[titleshort]

There is a plugin for Obsidian (sorry, I forget what it is called) that can read Paperpile’s BibLaTeX export file which is perpetually updated, this might be a good option for you, but it doesn’t exist for Logseq.