Export to csv problems?

Export to csv used to work brilliantly, but I’m having all sorts of issues with it this week. I’m trying to export a folder of around 2000 papers for a review, but although it seems on first glance to work as usual I’m finding on every occasion that for whole chunks of rows in the csv file the columns in the are getting all messed up. It seems that they are shifting sideways for some records then correcting itself before going out of kilter again. Its not just one folder, it happens on both my large folders. Any ideas why??

Could you send the CSV files to support@paperpile.com? Most likely it is a control char like carriage return that causes this issue.

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File sent - thank you!

I used csv export for the first time last week and had a similar experience - I thought maybe I just didn’t understand how it was supposed to work, but it does seem there’s a problem.

We have fixed the issue with the update on September 5th 2019.

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