Extension for Safari

Or…the roadmap has not been updated and we will get a nice and welcome surprise!

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Thanks for pointing this out, @hellstrom – as @Jose kindly mentions, the roadmap has not been updated so some of what’s marked as Planned will also be implemented soon; namely BibTeX key customization and improved note-taking. Markdown support and integration with other apps are also very much on the table but won’t be part of this initial release.

Just came by to say hello. :eyes:
(and to secretly ask about updates)


Our definitions of “very very soon” seem to be different…and it’s no longer October now. Any updates on the beta? I assume the end of year deadline is also being pushed back? Not feeling confident about this.


My site is not shown responsive in safari only please any one in the community guide how to set my website on safari

+1 for this.

In the interest of transparency, especially considering the original estimate of the beta has already come and gone, would it be possible to reflect that in the roadmap?

At least then we know what’s coming, what’s not, etc. I’m not asking for when because it’s clear that timelines are flexible. A now/next/later is more than fine.

I think my attempts for transparency have been part of the issue here. Knowing our development conditions and limitations, the team prefers not to share estimates which are almost never met, but I have (optimistically) decided/advocated to share them here. We understand how these constant delays look and feel from a user perspective – they are our main source of dismay and disruption.

Having said that, it seems we will have a first limited beta in December. Everything marked as started on the roadmap is actively being worked on, although not all of it will be in this first beta –
sharing and offline support, for example, will come later (hopefully first quarter of 2023). We’ll be back with more news in the upcoming weeks.


@vicente I wouldn’t want transparency to be taken in a negative light here, it’s still appreciated! I suppose not sharing any updates would’ve technically reduced frustrations, but I also wouldn’t have become a customer if I hadn’t known what’s being planned.

I realise the irony in my next question, but how far off do you think the rest of the roadmap is and how do they rank in priority? Specifically organisation and integration of notes/annotations…that’s turning out to be a big one and so I’m using Zotero again for now as it doesn’t seem like it’ll be ready when I need it to be. A very rough idea would be fine.

Happy to say initial (very limited) user testing has begun – we will keep it limited in light of the holiday break but will gradually invite more users and then do a bigger release. So next month is looking likely, although it might be safer to say February :crossed_fingers:t4:


Thanks for the update vicente, happy holidays.

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Vicente, I would love to be added to the alpha/beta/whatever … have been waiting for this for a looong time :slight_smile:

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I’d love to be on this beta when it releases. I’ve been waiting for safari extension since the very first day I fell in love with Paperpile! Wrote my entire PhD with it in Chrome and I would love to continue using it.

I wouldn’t hold my breath. I can’t believe we first requested this feature 6 years ago!


Hello Vicente,

I feel like this is my annual check in with the paperpile dev team regarding this feature. We are through January and now a week into February 2023. I have not received any invitation for Safari beta testing or seen any adjustment to the roadmap regarding this feature. My residency ends in 5 months and I will need to decide on a program to use not just for boards prep but ideally for the rest of my career. If this feature isn’t available soon, I will have to change to a different program as I don’t want to lose any notes I make during my study period. Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks for checking back in here, @TigerJAK. We are still in pre-beta (technology preview) testing stage, which means the look is not final and there are bugs still being sorted out. In this preview, the library and all its features can be accessed from Safari – only missing a dedicated extension for web import, which is coming in the wider releases.

Anybody who’d like to test (and is willing to provide feedback for) this “draft” version of our new web app, please drop me a line via chat or email (support@paperpile.com). Otherwise, I’ll report back here when there’s news :slightly_smiling_face:

Count me in for any testing. I’ve been back and forth from Chrome to Safari to Brave and back to Safari. Safari suits all my other workflows best but I now have a keyboard shortcut to open Brave whenever I want to use Paperpile (which is multiple times a day) and it’s been irritating to say the least. I even re-downloaded Zotero and then remembered all the things about Zotero that I disliked and which Paperpile solved when I switched years ago. So I’m still rusted onto Paperpile but would love to help facilitate integration with Safari.

Please count me in as well for testing the tech preview.

I am also willing to test the Safari extension!

I’m also interested in testing the preview version.