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Thanks for checking back in here, @TigerJAK. We are still in pre-beta (technology preview) testing stage, which means the look is not final and there are bugs still being sorted out. In this preview, the library and all its features can be accessed from Safari – only missing a dedicated extension for web import, which is coming in the wider releases.

Anybody who’d like to test (and is willing to provide feedback for) this “draft” version of our new web app, please drop me a line via chat or email (support@paperpile.com). Otherwise, I’ll report back here when there’s news :slightly_smiling_face:

Count me in for any testing. I’ve been back and forth from Chrome to Safari to Brave and back to Safari. Safari suits all my other workflows best but I now have a keyboard shortcut to open Brave whenever I want to use Paperpile (which is multiple times a day) and it’s been irritating to say the least. I even re-downloaded Zotero and then remembered all the things about Zotero that I disliked and which Paperpile solved when I switched years ago. So I’m still rusted onto Paperpile but would love to help facilitate integration with Safari.

Please count me in as well for testing the tech preview.

I am also willing to test the Safari extension!

I’m also interested in testing the preview version.

Thanks @Samuel_Whittle, @jtremblay, @ravibot and @Xiangmeng_Cai for your willingness to test. Please head over to this post to sign up for the private beta of our new web app and extension.

Like I mentioned above, this beta does not include the Safari extension yet. You only can use the web app on Safari without the extension and thus limited features set.

Forgive my ignorance but how is the web app reliant on the extension? The extension is only relevant when adding papers, as far as I can tell. The web app just provides a frontend for the papers and their metadata.

Thank you so much. Done!

The extension is also required for things like:

  • automatic pub metadata improvement
  • auto-download of publications
  • integration with Scholar and else
  • Google Docs citing tool

Although with the new design we strived to rely as little as possible in the extension, these operations will still require it. In any case, as I mentioned above, it will soon be ported to Safari and in the meantime everything else already works there (and papers can be imported via upload).

Hi @vicente any update on an ETA for a safari extension? Thanks,

I’m also interested in testing the preview version.

Hi, @vicente, any news on this extension?


A first version of the extension has begun internal testing, but is still not fit for beta stage. I don’t have a precise timeline to share at the moment, but there should be some progress to report in a month or so.


Any update?

Update on safari extension? It has been some time. I fear this is sometimes why, unfortunately, some people stick with Endnote. Been burned by a number of alternatives like Sente. I am very hopeful about future of Paperpile but development appears to be languishing.

@Rob_Montgomery and @AllanAnthro I’m happy to report that the Safari extension will be ready to test shortly. When it is ready to test, we’ll announce it in this thread. In the meantime, if you wish, you can test the beta Paperpile web app in Safari (with limited functionalities) by signing up here.

Hi I signed up by your link and then received this link via email. While it is indeed beta, it doesn’t provide any safari supporting. Did I miss anything here?

The beta that @suzanne is referring to is the new version of the web interface that does indeed load in safari with limited functionality until the safari extension is available.

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With the new announcements from Apple yesterday at WWDC about further Safari enhancements, I am looking forward to ditching Chrome for good.

Any news on being able to use Safari for paperpile with full functionality?

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4 weeks later I guess the answer is no news? Can you all give us a hint? e.g. 2023? 2024? perhaps never?

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