Extension for Safari

Thanks to all who have chimed in here, and for bearing with delays in our plans. A beta for the new extension update is scheduled to be (finally) rolled out for testing in the next couple months, bringing support for Safari and other non-Chromium browsers with it. This update has been the team’s top priority this past year and is already in final stages - the wait is almost over.


Vicente…next couple of months? Can you more precise:)?

The last projection was for a beta release by January. I’ll post an update here if that estimate changes.

Thanks Vicente.

Hi @vicente,

Is this the timeline for the major web app rewrite or is that slated for later?

I am more than happy to alpha test any of it if you all need someone with a large library to test on.

Indeed, @heumed, both the extension and web app rewrites are part of the same initiative and betas for both are scheduled to roll out simultaneously. I’ve let the team know in case they do need any alpha testers :+1:t4:


Replying to follow this. Would be tremendously handy to use the extension for importing papers in iOS, to later cite in Docs or Word.

If I understood correctly a safari extension is coming soon? I switched to using ipad recently, I can’t find any referencing manager that support safari on ipad, since google docs app still did not grace us with a web version app for ipad. I want to check if I should keep my paperpile subscription or continue my hunt for something that doesn’t make me regret switching to ipad.

I am using Safari Windows app but unable to install the extensions. What to do?

I’m happy to test it too @vicente looking forward to the update! Cheers

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Happy to beta test when its ready…

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Still waiting eagerly for Paperpile Safari plugin - would be grateful for an update :slight_smile: @vicente


Hello @vicente I have contacted paperpile two times of the past year regarding this feature. Could we please receive at least a status update including an actual timeline for the Safari Extension? Personally, this is starting to become a deal breaker given that so many other similar programs have this capability. Thank you.

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Apologies for the radio silence here – very poor support/communication on my part alone. The bulk of our resources has been and continues to be focused toward this goal. I delayed an update hoping to have news to share by now; even though we’ve been in final stages for months, complications of various kinds have kept forcing our schedule to be pushed back. This is a critical juncture for us which will set the stage of all future development, so it is essential we get it right. Delivering an excellent, functional product to the community will always be our priority.

With little more to say in terms of updates for now, we can only once again ask for your patience and understanding in this matter. Rather than posting promise dates we’re unable to keep, I promise to check in here every couple weeks even if there aren’t relevant updates from the team.


Hi all! Quick check-in: it seems the team has overcome the latest set of obstacles found so we’re once again getting close to a first release. I should have another update by the beginning of next month, will be back here then :raised_hands:t3:


I gave up. I do not use Chrome any more. I moved to a Edge. Paperpile works well with Edge!

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How are things going? We are approaching the end of May

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Things are looking good – last week I was shown a raw demo of some of the new features. Still a couple issues to deal with, and finishing touches to make things suitable for an initial (very limited) release, but I dare say we’re less than a month out. Will touch base again here before then.


Would love to alpha/beta test the new extension. I’ve been waiting for this feature for a couple of years now.

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woot! glad to see progress :slight_smile: