Filter - Notes not working

I have been making annotations to my files using the fantastic new Paperpile PDF annotator (using both the Android app and on my PC). Everything is great except I am unable to see which documents currently have notes and which don’t. The filter by notes is only saying that one document has notes but a few of them do now.

I have not seen this mentioned anywhere so maybe I need to refresh something somewhere to update it, but nothing I have tried works.

The “Notes” filter currently only registers the “Notes” field, which is the field accessible by clicking the little pen icon at the bottom of each reference. The annotations you make in the PDFs are not yet accessible within the Paperpile interface. We have plans for bringing them in but are not sure just when yet.

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Oh I see! No problem, in the meantime I can just use labels to indicate which documents have annotations on them.

Thanks for clarifying.