Formatting Problem with Cut and Paste and Annotations in MetaPDF

Sometimes Paperpile does not pick up the correct or a useful Abstract from attached PDF’s. When this happens, I usually cut and paste from the actual PDF into the abstract section in the Paperpile entry.

When I was using another PDF reader, there were no problems with this procedure. Now that I am using MetaPDF I have noticed on a number of occasions that the pasted entry loses formatting, in particular appropriate gaps between words. In otherwordsthere can be a numberofwords strung together without gaps inbetween.

I have also noticed this problem can occur in MetaPDF in the notes generated by highlighting text, though this is in the form of g aps in the wr ong place.


Hi Alec,

We are aware of this problem and hope to roll out an update soon. The problem is that white spaces are not stored in the PDF, which means that a clever algorithm is needed that is capable of inferring words from the character positions. Currently, we use the built in method from PDF.js, but that does not seem to work well enough.