Full Journal Title entry includes organization name or other information?

I don’t know if this is a Paperpile thing or just an issue with auto-harvest of metadata for certain journals in general, but I’ve noticed that often the “Full Journal Name” field will have both the name of the journal and other information, like the sponsoring organization of the journal, or the location of the organization of the journal. It will end up being something like “Journal of Underwater Basketweaving / Society of Basketweaving Studies”.

I think it is coming from the automatic metadata search (the bibtex files from the journal webpages don’t have the extra information). Is there any way to prevent this from occurring? I can delete these manually each time I cite the papers in a manuscript, but it gets tedious. It’s particularly a pain if I want to be able to use the “auto-update” feature, which adds the extra data to the “Full Journal” field right back in, so I end up having to delete the extra info, again.

Thanks for your help!

This data comes from the journal names as they are listed by the National Library of Medicine (example) or ISSN (example). At the moment, we are taking these as authoritative sources. We do have plans to make adjustments to these lists, but it might take a while.

Thank you for the prompt reply, and the explanation for what is going on.

It looks like there are title fields that exclude the extra information - in the ISSN example, it is “Title Proper”, and in the NLM example it’s “Title(s)”. It would be awesome if it were possible to point Paperpile to those fields instead as default, then rely on the “Key Title” (ISSN) and “Uniform Title” (NLM) as backup.

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