How can I use Paperpile to cite the author's name as part of a narrative?


Hi, I’ve been enjoyed using Paperpile for a while now and wanted to see if there was a way to correctly cite author’s name as part of my narrative in the APA style?

For example, I want to give some examples of themes in the literature and want to reference the work of Kazai, as an example. Is there a way of inserting the citation in my text so that it reads as:
Kazai et al. (2011) provided examples of themes…”
instead of
(Kazai et al., 2011) provided examples of themes…”?

I hope this makes sense.



Click the blue bubble in the add/edit box and then check the “Suppress Author” box. The reference will then show up as (2011) and you can write whatever is appropriate in front of it.


Hi, thanks for this! I found it to be working the first time I did it, and I’ve managed to apply it to at least 25 references, but after returning to the document a few hours later, some of the text was broken, and only a few reference read as I want them to read.


That sounds odd. Could you please contact us in the support chat so we can investigate further?