How do I insert a bibliography in "suggest" mode?

This is basic. I want to insert a bibliography, and I can’t figure out how to do it (even though I’m pretty sure I did it in the past).

I’ve done “Format citation”, and even though I see the progress bar indicating it’s formatting the bibliography, nothing appears. I’ve opened up the side bar and clicked “update citations and bibliography”, and same thing. I’ve reselected citation styles, and looked under every menu I can find.

Every Google search just makes it seem like Bibliographies are so easy to insert that nobody would ever bother to ask … i.e., I can’t find a “click here to insert bib” type instruction.

I have 3 citations in the document. I’ve tried formatting for PLoS and Ecology.

Also, I have no problem adding a Bib in a new document.

The current document was converted from a .docx, and I don’t “own” it. Although, I am able to edit (full permissions afaik). What’s up?

Figured it out. All of the citations were in the “suggested edits” state. The bib doesn’t incorporate citations that are suggested, but not yet accepted.

Is that an intended feature?

No it’s not intended, it’s just that we run our citation formatting script on the document and it formats whatever it sees in the document.

Suggested edits don’t seem to be part of the document before they are accepted so we can’t format them.

I was not even aware of that. Thanks for the post. Great to learn learn something new from the forum about Paperpile :smile:

I wonder if there’s a way to, when inserting a cite in suggesting mode, toggle into edit mode, then insert citation, then toggle back into suggest mode.

I was so confused for 15 minutes or so lol

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This is still a problem. Citations inserted in “suggesting mode” don’t get formatted.