Import pdf's into Existing Folder



When uploading pdf’s you are able to choose “Organize papers into new folder.” It would be nice to be able to choose from existing folders as well. It would also be nice to choose a default folder for new uploads.

The reason I would like this is because it doesn’t seem possible to view only papers that are not sorted into a folder (at least I haven’t figured that out). You can only view all papers or those inside a folder. So I would like to import into an “Unsorted” folder so I can view only its contents and move them to the appropriate folder.


Wish for top-level containers

On the right hand panel there is an unsorted filter that will select items that are not assigned to a folder or a label.


We still need to be able to import pdfs directly into a folder (for instance, the folder one is currently in)… Being able to sort them into folders after importing is exactly what users would prefer to avoid.


I agree with the OP. Having to assign folders after uploading pdfs is a chore.