Importated annotations not showing up in Paperpile PDF viewer


Recently I’ve had issues viewing annotations made offline in the Paperpile PDF viewer. I currently read and annotate offline in Xodo - the annotations (highlights, pen notes, comments) turn up in google drive online - this confirms the file is syncing … however … when I open the file on Paperpile in the native PDF viewer for Chrome, I do not see the annotations made offline in Xodo.

This was never an issue. I’ve tried on a few different computers and the issue persists. I can only fix it if I re-upload the pdf to the individual reference which is a pain. Once I lost two chapters of annotations because of sync issues between devices - I read a lot in places where there is no internet so the auto-saving to local disk, with Google Drive updating it once back on line, is a vital feature I need for my work flows.

Any support would be greatly appreciated!




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