Information from OVID

In my University, sometimes I have to go through OVID service in order to get full access to a paper.
Unfortunately, once in OVID, I’m to add the paper to Paperpile (it doesn’t recognize any papers on that website). Using a different reference manager (Zotero) I was able to add the reference directly from that website.
Any way to solve this issue?

Thanks for the feedback, @Or_Duek. Are really none of the papers you try to import from OVID correctly imported? I gather you’re importing via the extension. Would you be able to share some examples, or would they all require signing in? Let me know.

I’m sorry for the delayed response.
Unfortunately, I’m unable to provide examples as they require credentials from the University.
But, once in OVID, I can see the PDF (in their reader), but paperpile doesn’t recognize it, and I need to manually download it. I have tested it with two different papers. I’m not sure it’s for many, but those two had the same paperpile behaviour.