Inheriting citekey from Papers to Paperpile?

I imagine most users are migrating from a previous software. For me, this is Papers. I also sometimes use LaTeX for some of my writing. The problem is that many of my old manuscripts used citekeys generated by Papers, and if I want to use portions of it (for example, to write my thesis), the citekeys are incompatible with citekeys from Paperpile. If there is a way to 'inherit" previous citekeys it might reduce this burden.

At the moment it is not possible. We have plans to add more sophisticated BibTeX key handling. That might include an option to revert to the old BibTeX keys that were set when you imported the file.

But we are a bit reluctant because it would mean you have different patterns in your library and Paperpile can’t guarantee that your BibTeX keys are unique. In turn Paperpile can’t guarantee that the BibTeX it writes is correct.

yes I agree there is not a neat solution to this that is obvious to me.