Integration with new ASM Press websites

The ASM Press journal websites have been updated and Paperpile no longer recognizes those papers. Title examples include Applied and Environmental Microbiology, mBio, and mSystems. Below is a link to the main page that has all the specific journal links included. Is it possible to make Paperpile work again with this publisher?

Thank you!

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Thanks for the report, @Cameron_Thrash! I’ve let the team know so they can take a look - will let you know when I hear back.

I also read ASM journals often, it would be very appreciated if Paperpile works again. Right now I cannot add papers from the website nor automatically download PDF.

Thanks a lot.


Thanks for chiming in, @rleguern, and welcome to our forum! The team confirms the fix for this issue will be online with our next release, which is scheduled for next week.


Seems to still be an issue with iPad app.

Welcome to our forum, @Brian_Raphael. Could you describe the issue you’re encountering in more detail? Are you trying to download papers from an ASM site? Let us know.

That’s correct @vicente. I tried to download a PDF from the journal mSphere on the iPad app but it doesn’t seem to recognize that I have navigated to a PDF.

Thanks for confirming. The team is working on a fix; I’ll post updates here as I get them.