iOS app crashes on papers with handwritten notes


There are actually two bugs I encountered, of which the one in the title is critical.

Some of the papers with previously added handwritten annotations crash the whole app when I try to open them. Tried to delete them from the device and re-download, but it is not helping. It is very frustrating, since iOS app is my main reading tool, and is critical for my work.

Second bug being that some of the highlights are not synced with the web version.


Thank you for letting us know. It would help us a lot if you could email the PDFs in question to This will let us reproduce the problem and figure out where the crash is happening.


Sorry for the delay. Sent the PDFs just now.


@jason Didn’t want to open a new topic for this, since it seems related. I have a 555 pages book, annotated with highlights and probably some handwritten notes too. Now I can’t open it neither on the web, nor in iOS app. It just hangs on loading annotations. But I was able to open it and annotate before obviously.

Edit: web app opened the book after 20min of loading. iOS didn’t even after 60min, so I closed it.


Thank you for letting us know. At the moment, we are unfortunately not optimized for books with many annotations.