iOS private beta 1 (old)


Sync seems to be even worse after the latest update (today). Now even logging out and back in doesn’t allow me to sync my library :sweat:


Same here: sync won’t complete, even with a full erase and reinstall


Syncing was terrible after the release of beta2 and I gave up after a few attempts, but today it worked great. Amazingly fast, and without any issues. I hope it stays as responsive from now on!.
UPDATE: Fist sync goes great, but updating the library is not working. Have to log out and rebuild the whole library every time I want to update! :frowning:


Tried a few times to get on the Beta with no luck,how far is this from general release ?


Any news on this?


Maybe its like the Loch Ness Monster…there’s rumours of it …but you know.


I was part of this beta, but it now the app has expired on my ipad. Can you please advise to the status of the app and the project in general?


In another thread, the developers say this:

…we have doubled our staff this year and moving faster than ever.

We’ve invested a lot of money and resources to port Paperpile to iOS, Android, and Desktop (Word) and prepare our server infrastructure to make all the features possible you are waiting for. This takes time and we have come very close.


Without the ability to add papers from iOS, this beta is pretty hobbled. So often I find a paper on Twitter or elsewhere from my ipad. I’m totally stuck. No way to get it to paperpile.


I’m so frustrated by the lack of action on this front I could scream. I’m about to travel to NYC for a conference, and I want to just take my iPad. But I also need to edit a manuscript, and so…that’s a no go. I thought about buying a MacBook (adorable), but it really is too tiny. I’m about this close to buying pixelbook, but I need iOS for the rest of my life. Maybe I should ditch paperpile, but nothing inserts citations so quickly…

I really wish you guys would allow adding PDFs, although with google docs hobbled on iOS, I’m not sure that it would matter, because I doubt that you can fix that…


If I were going to go iOS only right now I would switch to Bookends. Even after the beta is fixed it still won’t offer many of the features Bookends already has on its iOS app. But since I still primarily write on a MacBook, I’m content to wait. At least I can still access my PDFs via Google Drive in PDF expert… Still, I know a lot of people are ditching their laptops for iPads and I hope that Paperpile can catch up with Bookends on this front.


Guess what I did last night. I went back to Bookends. I tried to spoof desktop chrome on my ipad for hours. And then I tried Bookends (having not read your comments), and found that it does DOI autofill (which was my hang up). So, paperpile, you are my first love. Nothing compares to you on the Desktop, but the Desktop is so 2015…Writing on the ipad is not only portable, is provides a distraction free environment. It’s the future. And I’m not sure that Google will ever let paperpile catch up.


I am feeling the same pain as Matthew_Miller.

Please release Paperpile for iOS very soon.


So, the conventional argument is that when you pay for software, it provides a sustainable business model that keeps developers improving the software. Obviously, we need to reconsider that argument. Because the paperpile development team just keeps ignoring our requests for improvements. It’s been like 2 months since the beta is broken, won’t update, and they are totally radio silent. Paperpile works very nice, in some cases, but it doesn’t really provide the full solution. It’s so incredibly sad and frustrating. I guess I need to keep looking for a new solution for my needs.


On ios device, I have to say, F1000 workspace beats Bookends, Papers, and more peers.


New beta just came out. Initial sync was fast and bug free. Fingers crossed on this one. They say it is just prep for a more major beta release coming up - hopefully with new features.


Whoa…syncing is fast.

I just started a new writing project, and I have to say, that I love paperpile. It is the fastest way to get new citations into my writing…allowing me to keep writing without distraction. So often, I’m citing from google scholar, rather than from local database (the truth is I don’t know what is in my paperpile, often I find the paper I want again in GS).

So, I complain about paperpile because I really want it to work everywhere. I’m worried that the ios solution is only going to be part of the solution, because I don’t believe that Google is ever going to open up docs to really allow the full paperpile extension on ios.

So, hopefully that means that paperpile will have a goodlooking hook on Word. But it is a shame, because my laptop isn’t as portable, and it is full of distractions that I don’t need when I’m simply writing. (My iPad is a joy to write on, in contrast, and I actually type the fastest on the Smart Keyboard).

Looking forward to what’s to come.


Additional syncs after updates to the web work well too.


Syncing in my experience is still a nightmare. After the initial sync (that one goes well), any updates on the library are failing :worried:


After working great for a couple of days, I’m getting errors again too. Makes me wonder if there is something wrong on the server side?