Is this a search bug

Hello and Good morning,
I came across a pdf on my drive for a paper that I wasn’t sure if I put it already in Paperpile or not. So in the search-box in Papaerpile I searched for the author’s first name, in this case, “Charles”, so nothing came up. So I decided to search again for the middle name in this case “Lee”. So I decided to search for a “part” of the journal name, and it came up. When I looked at the list of the listed papers the author’s name and middle name were abbreviated as: “Irons CL” when I opened the detailed of the paper then the full name appeared as “Charles Lee Irons”. I went back and searched by last-name and the paper immediately showed up.

I’m thinking that I should have looked it up by last-name, but that might also happen with others, I think if the search looks into the “details” of the paper it might have found it.
Not sure if that’s a bug or a later on enhancement.

it may depend on the citation style you have selected.

Indeed, @Fr_David_Elias, first/middle names are currently left out of our search but are planned to be included in an upcoming update of our search features. These advanced features have been in the works for a while; a beta should see the light of day soon :crossed_fingers:t4: