Jstor papers extracted as Untitled Item

Hi, I am trying to add a paper from Jstor using the Paperpile extension on Chrome but when I do so I get an ‘Untitled Item’ (screenshot below). What am I doing wrong? (It’s only when I manually add the DOI and auto-update does the citation become complete.)

Same has happened to me…

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Is this happening with all Jstor papers or only some? This could be related to broken crawlers reported a few months ago. If the issue persists, please contact us via chat or email with details and example links so we can investigate.

For me, this happens only periodically. Mostly, it occurs when I am downloading reviews. I would say 80% of my untitled items from JSTOR are reviews of books. This Untitled has occurred dozens, if not hundreds of times for me, in a whole spectrum of JSTOR journals: American Antiquity, other archaeological journals, Art Bulletin if I recall…

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