Link to papers in article comments


Often I have an article that discusses something interesting and I want to add a comment with a link to the relevant paper (perhaps even a specific section). It would be nice if there would be a specific notation (e.g. @ or # or %) that - when typed in the comments box - would open up a searchable list of all papers, so I could simply select the one I want and I can always go directly to that paper from the one I’m in.

This would involve:

  • Permalinks for articles (or even sections/lines within)
  • Searchable selection box of articles/sections within the comment box
  • Specific annotation that triggers the search box to pop up


You can add links to articles into comment bubbles using markdown language like [name to show](https://linktofile)
You can also use some other markdown features


Thank you for the idea. As @satary says, you can add Markdown links in comments. We already have permalinks to items in your library which you can get through the triangle menu:

This is not exactly what you are asking for, but it is what you could do now.