Linking PDF located on Google Drive

I have some files located on Google Drive that I would like to link to my PaperPile. In the past, I have downloaded these files first and then drag and drop into paper pile. Is there a way to directly link and cut out the middle step?

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It’s currently not possible to add PDFs directly from Google Drive to Paperpile. The reason is Paperpile’s privacy settings. It only can access PDFs in your Google Drive that you have uploaded via Paperpile. It can’t access any other files (which is a good thing)>

There is now a relatively simple technical way to solve that by including Google’s own file open dialog in our app. That’s on our list of upcoming improvements but I can’t say when it will be available at the moment.

any update on this? maybe an easier alternative is to just allow users to add pdfs to a designated import folder in the paperpile folder on google drive, since it already has permission to read/write there.

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my suggested solution would also make it so that users could upload directly from any app/device that has upload to google drive functionality and have it automatically updated into paperpile

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Yes please! That would be awesome. Thanks for all your great work!