Live bibtex file in Google Drive



Would be very useful to have a live (auto-updated) bibtex file (as Mendeley offers) in Google Drive, to save having to re-export every time there is a change to the library.

Also, would be great to have some interface with a service like sharelatex.

Paperpile is so powerful, but needs more integration than just google docs for longer / more complex papers…



All makes sense and users keep asking for these features. It’s definitely on our radar.


I would add that an option to select which entries to export to the bibtex file would also be helpful. I like to keep project libraries with only relevant articles for writing. Having the entire paperpile archive in one bibtex file is not always what I want, rather just some search results or otherwise selectable subsets.


@stefan: any updates on this? Persistent up to date bibtex file (either of the whole library or several) in GDrive would be very useful and also a workable solution for offline work.


No updates yet. But as we are working on the Word plugin and the mobile apps we finally also build the necessary internal APIs and technical infrastructure to make features like this possible.


Just giving a little bump to this. Would LOVE a live bib file in google drive.

Any updates? And saying you are to busy working on the Word API runs is no excuse to the latex crowd :smile:



Thanks for the bump. We appreciate every bump, it keeps us going…

I can see how saying we are working on the Word API is a very lame excuse for someone using LaTeX.

However, our work on the Word API actually also helps us lay the foundation for this feature. For example, to make this feature work efficiently we need to keep track exactly when something changed in your library so that we only update it if necessary. That’s something we have added for the Word (and mobile) API and will help us down the line with other features.


Would love this feature too - another bump for you! Thank you for all your work on this great product.

Feature suggestion: Export link for bibtex

It’s now 2 years since the request and almost a year since the start of the word integration. Has the ground work been sent/is there any progress toward this? The google doc integration is great (and surely has some of this api), we simply need something similar available for online LaTeX people to integrate with even the simple up-to-date bibtex file would work (and save us a number of clicks).


We are working on the Word plugin. Please don’t use the post dates in this forum against us. We are working a lot here and constantly hiring new people. But some things need time.

It would help if your fellow Paperpile users would stop asking for iOS and Android apps :smile:

Thanks for your patience.


hi Stefan,
would love to see this. Even if it were not live, having something that’s built once/night or on demand to output the entire bibtex file would be super helpful.


Another bump from a new user here. An automatically updated bib file would be fantastic. I like to have a setup where I have a snippet for addbibresource{main_library.bib} at the top of my tex file, and cite using bibtex. I’d like to point that to a file in my paperpile directory on google drive.