MetaPDF issues with highlighting and comments


I’m new to using MetaPDF.
In one article, I was able to highlight on one page but not on another. It just wouldn’t let me highlight–like in other, older PDFs. I would have thought it would be consistent for the entire article.
Same article–I tried to comment instead and it made the whole page turn black. I went back a page, and that re-set it, but it was weird.


Are you using the built in MetaPDF viewer in the Paperpile extension?


yes I am.


I am having this issue too. Was able to highlight the first few pages, then the next few unable to select text, then a few pages later am able to select text again.

Update: I reloaded the document and the pages I couldn’t highlight previously I now could. Weird. Then a few pages later - same issue.


Same problem here - posted on a separate thread a month ago on a separate thread. Any updates?


I have the same problem. Look below for how the highlighting managed to select the correct text, but does not show it in the PDF:

Here’s the file: