Minor Bug: Search disabled after saving notes

After I enter a note for a paper by clicking the pencil icon, entering the note, then clicking “save”, the search bar is disabled. I can type in it, but it will not execute a search. I am able to enable it again by clicking “close” on the notes tab.

If this is something that cannot be fixed, it would be helpful to make a warning message that lets the user know that they need to close the note tab before using the search bar.

I am using Chrome OS Version 74.0.3729.159 (Official Build) (32-bit) on an Asus C100P Flipbook.

Thanks for the report! This is actually intended behavior: while a note is open (saved or not), search is locked in order to avoid navigating away by accident.

That being said, we have plans to unify notes and PDF annotations. This will imply a major change in how note-taking works, meaning the above won’t be an issue anymore.