Mobile Web access

I understand that you are working on a dedicated mobile platform, but why does the paperpile Web service have to be closed to mobile devices? My computer just died, but even with a powerful tablet at hand I am now completely locked out of Paperpile. I can understand that the user experience might take a hit when accessing the site from a mobile device, but I would relish at least having the option. I can clearly see my paperpile site behind the pop-up, so it’s hard to believe it’s impossible to make it accessible.


Believe us we can feel the pain. Nobody wants a mobile solution more than we do.

But even a mobile webapp is not a trivial undertaking. The thing is Paperpile uses the Chrome platform extensively, i.e. we use extension APIs are not available on mobile Chrome. So there are lots of features that need to be adapted for this restricted environment. Also the UI has to be adapted because it’s not really usable on mobile without modifications. It’s a tough call if we should spend resources on this or rather on dedicated mobile apps.