Modify citation to include author's initials

My apologies if this has been addressed; I’ve not been able to find it. I need to differentiate two authors with the same last name by including their initials. I’m guessing that I need to edit the citation and add the initials as a prefix modifier. When I do this and format the document the initials appear twice: (S.E. S. E. Black et al., 2010); when I remove the modifier, of course the citation reverts to (Black et al., 2010). Thanks in advance for your support.

No you don’t need to edit the citation, you just need to make sure the authors are given the correct name with first and last names and middle name if available. In Paperpile find the item and click “Edit” in the toolbar. That will open up the form to edit the meta-data. Here you can edit the names of the authors (see my example for Andreas R. Gruber and Frank Gruber).

The rest depends on the citation style you choose. In APA if a name is unique no initials are shown. If name is not unique the initials are added to the citation (see the examples below).