Move misplaced bibliography

Somehow the bibliography got generated in the middle of a doc. Maybe a collaborator copied some text. I’ve deleted it many times and even tried to copy it to the end of the doc. Problem is that every time I try and “Format Citations” the bibliography generates in the middle of the doc and deletes a whole section of the main text.


Paperpile identifies the bibliography by links of the form

If the document is empty it adds the bibliography with these links to the end of the document. If you update the bibliography it will search for an existing bibliography and update it if it’s there.

In your case it seems some bibliography link as been copied to the middle of the text somehow. Apparently also some main text is part of a bibliography link. So when you generate an updated bibliography it will end up in the middle of the text and eat up some text. Can you check the text that gets deleted for a link of the form… and remove it?

That should fix it.

Thanks. This happened to me as well, it can be very frustrating to have your bibliography moved up and replace other text when you reformat. It is caused by a rotten link in the text, in my case, the link was invisible for some reason. A quick way to find the rotten link: Reformat. Identify the paragraph before and after the new biblio position to identify the paragraph that contains the rotten link. Now use “see revision history” under file menu to restore to a time point a few minutes ago. Find suspect paragraph. Copy entire paragraph, paste into Word or other notes application. All links will show up as underlined/colored. Now you can go back to your doc, find the link, delete, redo. Worked for me, now biblio shows up at bottom like it should.