Multiple tabbed libraries


I would like to have a tabbed view of more than one library. With my workflow, I usually dump a lot of articles in the main library when I am working on a project. Keeping things organized is tricky as I quickly run out of label colors and sorting new articles into folders is cumbersome.

It would be fantastic to have one main library but to be also able to fork out smaller project libraries that are easier to maintain or can act as a quick dump when I am searching for references that I may not end up using.

I am thinking of the way that JabRef deals with this which is very close to what I am looking for: multiple libraries (although they are unfortunately not linked in a main library), tabbed view on top and an active library can be selected to receive reference dumps from online searches in the browser.

I’d love to hear how and if this would be possible.


We have plans to be able to set the label or folder directly when importing from online resources: Add tags and folders when importing from Chrome extension

That could include that the extension remembers your last label in some way so that your imports all end up in one place.

We don’t have plans to add another layer of organization as you suggest though. I think with labels you can achieve most of the functionality you describe. For example if you select a label it shows like a tab on the top. If you search or filter it stays there so you basically get a separate view of your library.

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