Onedrive integration, MS Office Integration


I’m sorry but there is nothing new to share at this point.

I used to post my current estimates but that turned out to be problematic because schedules change (sometimes because of things that are not under our control). Then users get frustrated and then we get frustrated because we work hard and make good progress and still everyone is frustrated…

That’s from the mobile app thread and it also applies here, in particular if you think about subscribing:


Hi, I would be interested in testing the beta version of the Word Plugin for Mac, if you need people. Please email me if that’s a possibility!


Why are the mobile betas a higher priority than the Word beta? Everytime EndNote crashes Word, I check on here again for an ETA. I used to go back and forth between paperpile/docs and word, but that just isn’t feasible nor is writing a grant in Docs. Excited to hear good news because Paperpile is otherwise awesome - but it’s hard to justify saying that when it’s missing the most common application of, to me, the primary job of a citation manager. Please consider!


Office Setup is here to help for the integration


I want to see Paperplie integrated with Onedrive and Microsoft Word. Please…