Option to import keywords as labels/tags

I understand the use case if you have manually curated labels in the BibTeX file. But generally keywords in a BibTeX file are the “author keywords” added by the authors. It’s not useful to convert these to labels. They are just index keywords for database search, while the concept of “labels” in Paperpile is different.

So we deliberately don’t import those as labels. Actually it causes lots of troubles when other reference managers like Zotero or Mendeley have converted these keywords to their “tags”. We convert tags from these programs to labels but it’s usually a pain if this results in thousands of labels that were originally author keywords.

In your case that could be helpful though: If you can import your BibTeX with the keywords to Mendeley or Zotero, sync them with their cloud service and then import them back to Paperpile they should become labels.