Paperpile Extension (1.5.102) incorrectly indicates reference is not in library

Experiencing some incorrect/inconsistent behavior with Paperpile Extension. Here are some observations:

  1. When browsing Google for papers, the add-to-paperpile button that appears beside identified references does not correctly reflect whether the reference already exists in the library. I’ve noticed this especially for arxiv references, but it has been an issue for other sources, as well (e.g. IEEE).

  2. When I navigate to the reference source (e.g. the arxiv page), the Paperpile Extension menu button does not show the green checkmark indicating the reference exists in the library.

  3. However, when I click the Paperpile Extension menu button, it updates to indicate the reference does exist in the library.

Thank you for the feedback, Karl. I’ve flagged this for the dev team to take a look; most likely these issues can be addressed over future releases.

Should you keep running into trouble or have any further observations, please feel free to contact us via chat or email at