Paperpile for iOS and Android (private beta - 9/2019 update!) 📱

It’s weird because we tested quite a bit and never saw that and now many users seem to have this issue. @carlos sifted through the logs and it seems there is a hard crash of the database library we use. We are not on the latest version of this library so an update of this library might help.

Could you please also add me to the beta program. Best wishes and thank you, Roman

I tested the new and nice version in my IPad. Everything worked well, except when I click “on your device”. I loved the new layout. Good job!


New UI design is really nice! Keep up the great work. We continue to use PaperPile in our group.

Hello! Love using this on my Chromebook, would love an invite for the Android Paperpile beta!

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I would really like an invite for trying this on iOS

Bug report for the new update on Android: love the night mode feature, but text selection isn’t visible when this is enabled. So if you want to highlight, the text selection isn’t visible, but once you “highlight”, the highlight is.

Hi, I would love to test the android app, I signed up for testing a while ago but didn’t get any invite :confused:

Bug report: Notations/highlights made in the android app not syncing/transferring to Paperpile online and are being lost (not all, but some).

Hi, I would love to test the iOS beta! I also signed up a while ago, but didnt receive an invite. :frowning: Thanks for all your work!! :slight_smile:

Hi, I believe I signed up for Paperpile beta to test on my iPad Pro. I don’t think I have gotten an invitation, so I submitted the form again. If you are still looking for testers, would you mind adding me? :slight_smile: Thank you!


is it possible to add papers to favorites / starred on Android with the latest app?
When I try to press the star symbol it just goes into the reference details.


I’ve attempted to register for the android beta several times now without success. Pretty keen to start testing…

Bug report: An article that I have annotated on my iPad syncing and loading fine on desktop browsers but is perpetually loading on the iPad when I try to reopen it. Clearing data in settings and uninstalling the app doesn’t help.

We’re aware of the issue and it will be fixed in the next update.

Bug report: clicking on your device crashes app.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to open supplementary attachments from the iPad app. This is rather unfortunate, since in many journals the supplementary information contains the meat of the paper.

How does one remove a downloaded file from the app? I know how to clear them all at once, but how to remove one at a time?

Hi. I have requested the invite some time ago and I’d really appreciate being let in the beta. I use paperpile extensively and so far, although using pdfexpert in my iPad Pro to read and annotate papers is doable, it is far from efficient way to read up on the staggering amount of articles we have to go through :slight_smile: Thank You for Your consideration

Hello ! Anything idea when you could release the iOS app ? Roughly :wink:
I already answered the survey and still available for beta.