Paperpile for iOS and Android (private beta - 9/2019 update!) 📱


is it possible to add papers to favorites / starred on Android with the latest app?
When I try to press the star symbol it just goes into the reference details.


Bug report: An article that I have annotated on my iPad syncing and loading fine on desktop browsers but is perpetually loading on the iPad when I try to reopen it. Clearing data in settings and uninstalling the app doesn’t help.

We’re aware of the issue and it will be fixed in the next update.

Bug report: clicking on your device crashes app.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to open supplementary attachments from the iPad app. This is rather unfortunate, since in many journals the supplementary information contains the meat of the paper.

How does one remove a downloaded file from the app? I know how to clear them all at once, but how to remove one at a time?

App loads on Android 10 just fine, with sharing to app from web page working. But I’m unable to share a PDF I’ve downloaded to the app. That fails.

Re: the Android Private Beta, I am able to save links and PDFs to Paperpile, but whenever I try to open the PP app itself, it crashes.

LG G6, Android 8. What other info would be helpful?

I can’t seem to import this url at all when open in Android Google Chrome. I get a “something went wrong” error.

However this URL works:

I would note though that the PDF download status message seems to show only “-1%”

I requested an invite to iOS beta a while ago. Please can I get it?

Bug report (or maybe missing feature?): there doesn’t seem to be a way to get at multiple PDFs uploaded for the same reference on iPadOS. Multiple PDFs show up online, but when I try to download to my iPad only the primary one shows up.

I’m testing the iOS app.
So far so good! A couple of crashes, but I’m not sure it was a problem with the app problem, more a network/wifi problem.
However, :slight_smile: I do have a couple of requests.

  1. Would be nice to have access to the build in dictionary in the pdf view. Very useful.
  2. More colors to underscore/highlight. I do have a color code and would love to have orange and black.
  3. To add a white page in an article. I use Documents from Readdle on iOS. With this app, I have the ability to add a page to the PDF. Very useful to take longer handwriting notes.

this being said, keep up the good work !

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Another URL which can’t be imported using the Android beta:

Bug report

(sorry if that has been already reported, but the forum search function doesn’t work to take me to places where a keyword is used in the thread, and this thread is way too-long to scroll through).

I’m using Android 8.0, and the latest verison of the Paperpile beta (I believe, no version is reported in the ‘About’ section of the app).

Most things are running smoothly, however one annoying cosmetic bug is that after downloading a PDF to my device using the ‘share to Paperpile’ button in my brower (Chrome 78.0.3904.96), the notification that the PDF is download is complete (in the Android pull-down tray) is not able to be removed unless I reboot my phone. I.e. I cannot swipe the notification away.

Another slight bug-bear is that it’s slightly annoying that you have to wait quite a few seconds for the reference to sync - so I have to stare at the spinning wheel for quite a while - I would be happy if this happened in the background (or as a tray notification), so I can continue reading/working in the browers.

Using iOS beta on iPadOS. When annotating with Apple Pencil sometimes have an issue where a random really big streak will form above what I’m writing. I haven’t been able to reproduce the behavior consistently. Sometimes it happens a lot other times not as much.


I am sorry to write here, but I filled the survey 2x and got no invitation yet. Would be really happy to try out the Android version as a happy user of paperpile,


Me too, and don’t be sorry. I regret having paid for paperpile. It’s a real bummer not being able to access my saved papers in my tablet, even if I try to open in an internet browser. Despite being logical that a paid service would try to implement this basic feature asap, they don’t seem to be concerned about fixing this. We work with these pdfs on a daily basis and having an app would be VERY useful, even if it’s in beta.

The forum is for feedback. Read the initial post of this thread on how to get access properly.

Hello! I wonder where can I sign up for any future beta testing? Thanks!

Night mode (inverted pdf color) is really appreciated! However, there seem to be a number of other methods for doing this, including some which mostly preserve colors other than black/white (the windows application NegativeScreen manages to do this with its Smart Inversion mode:

It needn’t be perfect, but just to be able to have red lines in plots look something close to red, blue close to blue etc would be a small but important improvement, since the text in figure captions often refers to the colors used.