Paperpile for iOS and Android (private beta - 9/2019 update!) 📱


A little off-topic, but since the app can now add citations in mobile Safari, does that mean it will eventually be possible to add citations on desktop Safari as well? Or is this only because of the iOS app which won’t exist on the desktop?


Hi Stefan,
I have filled in the form for the Android app and MS word version. Can I get an invite to test them?
My email:


I just had a chance to play with the latest Android app update.

Being able to add papers from mobile is a total game-changer – awesome work!

Some notes on the experience:

  • Adding a paper from Chrome is extremely smooth – I click “share”, find the Paperpile icon, and get a full-featured dialog that lets me choose the destination folder & label. (That’s even better than the Chrome extension, nice)
  • Adding a paper linked from Twitter is less smooth. I click on a paper, it opens up in Twitter’s app-hosted version of Chrome, and when I click “share” from there, I get an error in the Paperpile dialog. There must be some difference between how actually-Chrome and hosted-Chrome works when sharing with other activities.
  • If I didn’t hear about it on the forum, I wouldn’t have known this ability existed at all! Adding some discoverability to the main app (a big “+” floating action button in the list view?) might help users learn about this functionality… it could also be a great way to support a copy-paste flow for adding papers rather than only the app-share flow (which is sometimes mysterious in how it works and when it breaks).


I’ve been using the app on an iPad Pro since September, 2018 (about 5 months now), and installed the newest beta (version 0.1, 34) yesterday. I agree that the new “Share with Paperpile” feature is incredible and this finally makes the app feel necessary. Congratulations!

Previously, I was syncing my Paperpile folder in Google Drive with PDF Expert and using that to do my reading. Occasionally, I would check the Paperpile app for other metadata.

  • I’ve already added several papers from Safari iOS using the Paperpile share extension. It seems to work smoothly. The only thing I really miss from the Desktop version is the support for proxy connections.

  • I use an RSS reader (Reeder) to keep up with new submissions to arXiv on an almost daily basis. The share extension does not show up in that app unless I first open the item in a web view. It’s an extra step, but it would be nice if there was some way to get around this.
    Edit (2019-02-27): I tested with another RSS reader (Lire) and was able to share to Paperpile directly. So I think it is an issue with the reader apps and how they implement the view for an RSS item.

  • Now, I still prefer to use PDF Expert (or PDF Viewer) to do my reading. They’re simply better polished PDF viewing apps and they feel more native than Paperpile. That being said, it would be great if the Paperpile app could support external PDF viewers. Edit (2019-02-28): I just noticed that the Paperpile iOS app uses PSPDFKit which underlies PDF Viewer. Maybe the only things I’m really missing are: (1) tabs, (2) a back button to go back to a previous page after jumping, and (3) an outline view.

  • Are there plans to support the file provider API of iOS? It would be very useful to be able to access my Paperpile library, particularly folders and labels, from other apps that support the iOS Files API. My current workaround is to use Google Drive, but folders and labels don’t show up Google Drive.


This is exciting - I would love to test the iOS app as I’ve just started a postgrad course. Can I be added to the iOS beta?


Thank you, I just downlaoded the app. First poblem: it didn’t sync my folders. It only synced my papers + labels. I’m not sure why,


I had an error message adding a book from Unfortunately Google forces users in Taiwan to use this rather than, so it would be nice if this was supported by the extension. (I ended up having to search for the book on Amazon to add it.)


Huge fan of the scroll/page setup updates!


Just added a reference with pdf from the Twitter ios app’s web browser. It went smoothly and I was able to open the reference in the iOS paperpile app immediately afterwards. This is a much needed feature and nicely implemented. Great work all.


HI Carlos,
Can I get an invite to test the Android app as well as the iOS app that fits iPad?


It’s a good question. A few points:

  • What we do on iOS unfortunately does not help on desktop Safari at all.
  • While the rest of the browser world decided to consolidate the extension model around the Chrome model, Apple thinks different. To do what we do on Chrome or iOS requires a desktop app present that communicates with the browser.
  • All I can say at this point is that there are reasons beyond Word integration why we spent so much resources in a downloadable Mac Desktop App (this is essentially what the “Word plugin” is). Those reasons include Safari support, which is part of our long term goals with the product.


Are you designing the Mac plugin/app in a way that it will be possible to have an API that editors could pick up, for example, to add citations into Latex documents via a VSCode plugin? That would be my dream world.


@michaelaye This is a question for the desktop thread. I have responded there.


I agree that the ability to add papers from mobile is terrific. I find the actual references a bit erratic – some are fine, but some have not found the bibliographic information even for perfectly normal journal articles with Google Docs entries. So they show up in Paperpile as “Miscellaneous” and “incomplete”, with just a meaningless title. I can easily get the full reference into Paperpile via Google Scholar, but then I can’t move the paper into the new record without downloading and re-uploading. Could the additions from mobile just use the same process for identifying the bibliographic info as additions from the desktop?


I couldn,t figure out how I would add a file to paperpile in my IPad Pro. There is no “Add to Paperpile” in any place,


This should help:


Thank you Kerim, this works for me, also I managed to sync all my folders. After I spent two days using the app I think it is amazing in general. There are some ideas that I’m still struggle with:

  • I couldn’t “auto-download” file within the app. I did this with my laptop.
  • There is no sign that I can put when I finish my reading so next time I remeber where I need to start.
  • The design of taking notes needs more attention, I think it is very classic.

I will add more next days, but in general I like the app.


Hi Carlos and the Paperpile team,

Could I have an invite? I have submitted the form and am eager to test the beta.

Thank you!


I would like an invite as well. Thank you!


Would love an invite to the Android beta as well as the iPad iOS app!